Give Back

As God Gives… We Give Back! We have volunteered for the following organizations and special events:

Exponential One Day Event in Salt Lake City Utah

Coordinators for the Exponential One Day Event in 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah by securing the speakers and volunteers as well as bands to volunteer for the Church Planters in the Western region for Exponential that was being held at different locations all across the United States. Collected registration and managed volunteers the day of the event. We hired the childcare and secured free lunches for the conference.

The Sticks Conference in Galletin, TN

We were coordinators for the Sticks conference in 2010 in Galletin, TN by coordinating all the speakers and their speaking topics. We worked with Arte Davis/Charles Hill and team on booking the hotels, flights and rental cars. 

If you would like to volunteer from your home doing administrative work please contact us. 

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