One Community Church

We handled all operations of the church planting process which included building a launch team and ministry volunteers for the launch in January 2011. Created documents and forms needed for all ministries and personalized them with their logo. Set up vendors and all legal documents needed to launch. We also managed staff and took part in the hiring process of all staff who launched the church. HR., Built the database system. [Church Community Builder] which I highly recommend! Penny is the Connections Ministry Leader, we kept staff on task. We handle the Accounting. We created and manage the operating budget. Put together Assimilation process for new guests and handle the process weekly for new guests. We manage all administrative staff, ran the communications team (created bulletins and newsletters), update graphics and verbiage on website [clover site], and processed background checks.  We also provided Executive Assistant services to the Pastor. We planned and executed several main events which included ManFest, Worship in Wasatch, Ministry Fairs, Small Group Fairs, etc.

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