K2 The Church

Working with K2 was a joy. The Pastoral Staff was awesome and Penny loved working with all the volunteers. We facilitated operations of the launch of a new Campus in the South part of Salt Lake City, Utah. Set up, led and scheduled a team of 220 volunteers to serve on the Connections, Facility and Band/Vocalist teams for weekend services and gave direction and training to the volunteers on reception duty and trained them with administrative roles. Managed Band, Vocalists, purchased music, transposed and created key charts.   Handled travel reservations for the campus pastor, and mission trip details for groups of 20 including visa and passport management and trip details. Penny trained staff in the operations of fellowship one database and the planning center online scheduling system.  She led meetings for specific leaders on her team. She planned the cost effective events for launch team and designed thank you and welcome gifts for volunteers and new attendees. Penny also assisted the Campus Pastor with Scheduling and Administrative Duties.

If you are in the Salt Lake City area check out www.k2thechurch.com

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