The Team

Penny Child

Penny has been married for over 25 years and has 4 children and 7 grandchildren. She raised their children in Layton, Utah.  Her passion is to see God’s fame through using her gifts for existing churches and the many church plants that are needed in the Utah area and around the country. She currently handles Ministry Operations for One Community Church, HR, Accounting for many churches and Marketing, Communications and Coordinating Groups for Big Canyon Ranch and she is willing to travel across the nation to help use the gifts God has given her to coach planters or existing churches with their systems and processes. 


Priorities: God, Husband, Kids, Grandkids.
Music: Classic Rock, Country, Mercy Me & Casting Crowns
Off Time: Spending Time with my Grand Kids, Travel, Scrapbooking
Passion: To see Church Planting or Existing Churches grow and explode in the next 10 years.
Bible: Psalm 37:4-5
Weird Fact: She actually loves to clean house! Her house or yours! LOL
twitter: @pennychurchops



Tarrah Stout

She is a mother of 3 kids (Justin (17), Analeigha (10) & Kimberlynn (2).  They enjoy fishing and spending time with one another.  She enjoys learning and constantly engaging herself in the learning (school) process.  She is in the process of getting a degree in the Theater Arts/English and hope to be able to teach the Youth the importance of Theater Arts/English. She enjoys helping others and seeing what God has in-store for them. Tarrah is a huge asset, we could not run the office without her!!!!


Priorities: God, Family, Others.
Music: All Music except Hard Rock and Rap
Off Time: Fishing, Crafting, Sewing, Reading
Passion: To watch her children grow up happy and knowing God’s love for them.
Bible: 1Kings 17:10-16


Kathy San Miguel

Being raised as a pastor’s kid, Kathryn began singing in church at the age of three. Her dad and mom helped start and lead one of the largest para-church ministries in America called World Compassion. Her Family has been in ministry all her life and her youngest brother planted the most numerically successful church in the history of the Church of Nazarene. Kathryn served in many positions at World Compassion and in 1998 started a mail fulfillment company to help nonprofits and churches. Since 2008, Kathryn had been involved in the home health industry. Her compassion and care has been a blessing to many people including personal care for her mother. Kathryn has three children and six grandchildren. She attends Real Life Church in Valencia, California – named one of the fastest growing churches in America by Outreach Magazine.


Priorities: Love God and Love People
Music:  My Disney Parks Soundtrack – love Disneyland
Off time:  For fun I enjoy finding and reconditioning old furniture. I love making something that was to be discarded beautiful and useful again.
Passion: In this context, to assist and serve pastors and churches to become more effective in fullfilling their mission and vision. For baseball, that the SF Giants will win a game.
Bible: “So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life – your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life – and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him” Romans 12:1/The Message.
Weird Fact: My youngest son is a professional Zombie . . . really!



 Kym Stake

Kym has been married to her husband Michael for 10 years. They have 3 boys. They have been involved in the church and serving Christ in many different ways. Kym’s husband Michael had frequently lead worship in a contemporary church that they attended in a small town in Ohio while Kym stayed at home raising their 2 children. Then one day they felt God calling both of them to be a part of something amazing. They packed up a few of their belongings, sold a car, said tearful goodbyes to friends and family and their church, rented a U-Haul and moved 1800 miles across the United States to Utah, where they helped start a Christian church with their good friend who was a pastor. Michael took on the role as Worship Arts Leader and Kym helped out in as many areas as she could but most of her time was devoted to being the office administrator. They had an amazing experience out here in Utah and helped launch One Community Church. They matured spiritual during their 2 years in Utah and helped many people find Christ. Then God spoke to them again. They felt that they completed what God called them to do in Utah and felt God saying it was time to go back home. So, they packed up again, said more tearful goodbyes to friends that were as close as family and drove the 1800 miles back to their hometown in Ohio. They are enjoying being close to family again and are patiently waiting on God to reveal to them their next mission. Even with Kym being in Ohio we are so grateful that she is still on our team!


Priorities: God, Family and Starbucks
Music: Anything (but Country) I Love music!
Off Time: Playing Super Mario Brothers With My Kids And Baking.
Passion: God, My Family and Purse Collecting.
Bible: Jeremiah 29:11 Matthew 11:28
Weird Fact: I use to be able to name every color crayon that came in a box of 48 Crayola Crayons. Including the color “Macraoni and Cheese” and “Tickle Me Pink”



Teresa Trusty

Originally from Portland Oregon, Teresa moved to Utah with her family in 1977 and has made Utah her home.  Teresa has been working for the State of Utah for 12 years in the auditing and financial analysis field.  She has a Bachelors of Science in Accounting, Certified Financial Examiner, and Professional Insurance Regulator Designations.    She enjoys spending time with family and friends and in learning more each day what God has planned for her. We are blessed to have Teresa and her expertise on our team!


Priorities: God, Family, Friends, Others
Music:  Country, Classic Rock, Alternative (Variety of Music)
Off time:  Outdoor Activities enjoying what God has created
Passion: Travel, Art, Helping Others
Bible: Too Many to Choose From



Calli ChildCalli Child

I am a single mom of the most wonderful little boy Julien. He is my pride and joy. He definately keeps me busy. I am going to school at Eagle Gate College and will get my bachelors degree in October of 2015. I am excited for the future and have loved interning for Church Administrators.




Priorities: God, My Son, Getting bachelors degree in criminal justice
Music:  Country
Off time:  Hang our with family, listen to music
Passion: Helping others
Bible: Psalms 37:4


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