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One of the most rewarding blessings in life has been to be able to participate first hand in two Church Plant and Multi-site projects; from the beginning vision planning stage, to the execution and operational leadership as well as implementing new systems and procedures for many existing churches is what we as Church Administrators can accomplish.

Our many experiences have given us a skill set that we feel we are called to offer other Churches that are planting or are in need of Operational Support for their existing churches.

We have found that the greatest need for a new Church Plant is having someone on staff with a working knowledge of the operational support (project manager) required for a successful Church Plant, and for the Pastoral staff to be able to have someone to oversee and assist in the many facets of Church Planting as well as to train their existing employees. We believe that the church planter (pastor) should be able to focus on team building and not the over 300 tasks it takes to successfully launch a church.

Some of the drawbacks of having an Administrative/Operational person on staff full time is the lack of financial support and the knowledge/experience to jump right in and get things rolling.

What we propose is a plan to aid your church in: administrative, operational, organization and leadership development roles on a contractual basis for as long as you need, instead of a having a staff position. This is beneficial due to the fact that you don’t have to pay a wage/salary and provide benefits for a staff member.

Click on Services Provided and you will find our list of the services that we offer. You may need all or some of these services for your church launch or operations after launch or services for your existing church.  Decide what fits best with your organization and team then contact us for a consultation to go over your church’s needs. Together we will put together a contract that fits your specific needs.

We have the team in place, now it’s up to you to decide how we can serve you.


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